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Dr. Melanie Bone

Dr. Melanie Bone on "Women's Health and Cannabis"

Dr. Melanie Bone, Keynote Speaker, Apr 24-25 at CBD Senior Health Expo discusses "Womens Health and Cannabis" with Dr. Mary Clifton

Medical Cannabis Patient Summit - 2019 Comments

Jay Reighley, Nurse Practitioner at Integr8 Women's Health Care

 “Congratulations on creating the first medical cannabis conference in Massachusetts.  The speakers were excellent and certainly in a very supportive community. I learned so much good information that I can take into my practice and apply to my patients”.  

Barbara Ochester, Clinical Director Salvera Medical Cannabis Dispensary/Professor Aspen University

 “Fabulous conference, well done! Looking forward to April!”  

Nichole Snow, President, Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance

 Just thinking of how proud I am of this event. I am very happy to commit MPAA to working with you on both of your upcoming events in 2020 in Newton and Worcester. The rest of the MPAA team is going to be so happy to learn you have more medical and patient focused events scheduled.  

Dustin Sulak, DO Healer.com

 “Congrats on a successful event, great speakers and a great audience, most important two factors”.   

Carla Villa, Co-Founder Cape Ann Botanicals

 “This conference was the best content I’ve seen at a cannabis conference. The amount of information I got was invaluable. Thank you for putting together such a great community of medical professionals".   

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