Dr. Melanie Bone

Dr. Melanie Bone, Keynote Speaker

Melanie Bone, MD, a cannabis physician, has focused her interest in cannabinoid care for geriatric patients by directing a clinical study on cannabinoids for health and wellness at MorseLife Healthcare Systems, a renowned over-65 living facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Dr. Bone works with seniors on a daily basis to help navigate many of the unique dilemmas facing this demographic. She believes that education and guidance are key to good outcomes. Her Delta 9 Summit presentation will go over best practices from her experiences. Attention will be given to her patients in Florida and exploring the dynamics of why they are doing well with managing complaints including insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and poor appetite.

There are many issues specific to the over-55 and, particularly, the over-75 population. Referencing specific case studies she has encountered while also surveying available research, Dr. Bone hopes to clear away the smoke surrounding senior cannabinoid care. Issues such as concerns about side effects, drug-drug interactions, safety, and efficacy, as well as the general nuts-and-bolts of how to get started and where to go to get their questions best answered will be covered in this presentation." Dr. Bone enjoys traveling with her husband Ernesto, and spending time with her 5 children. Her hobbies include tennis, Pilates, and baking cookies.

Dr. Jokubus Ziburkus

Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus, Chief Innovation Officer, MariMed Inc., Keynote Speaker

 Dr. Žiburkus currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer of MariMed Inc.* and is responsible for building the company’s Science, Medical, and Innovation Advisory Board, developing its educational platform strategy, and leading innovation in products, brands, and technologies.

Dr. Jokūbas Žiburkus is an accomplished scientist, innovator, speaker, and entrepreneur. His expertise is in neurological disorders, the endocannabinoid system, and cannabinoids. He is a neuroscientist and researcher with over 25 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and numerous popular literature publications. Žiburkus is a recipient of the Global Lithuanian Leader Award for intellectual capital dissemination and the University of Houston’s Teaching Excellence Award. He is a recognized public speaker with a widely watched Tedx Talk entitled, “There is something you should know about epilepsy and cannabis.” Žiburkus has a proven track record of international leadership and strategic planning and served on several prestigious Scientific and Medical Advisory boards.
  Dr. Žiburkus completed his PhD in Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and completed his postdoctoral fellowships at the Johns Hopkins University, George Mason University, and Pennsylvania State University. 


Dr. Mary Clifton, the CBD & Cannabis Library

Dr. Mary Clifton is one of the more dynamic and knowledgeable doctors working with patients on how CBD/Cannabis can help their lives.  A New York state licensed doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Mary specializes in the ways that CBD/Cannabis can work on a wide range of diagnosis including autism, cancer, anxiety, stress, physical pain sexual performance and other symptoms rather than traditional therapies that involve opiates and other addictive and dangerous drugs. Dr. Clifton provides a website filled with informative and educational videos on a growing list of ways that this plant improves lives – www.cbdandcannabisinfo.com. Dr. Clifton presents her information in an understandable way and helps break down a lot of the misperceptions that have created a real misplace stigma against how CBD/Cannabis work to make life easier for millions. Dr. Mary Clifton is an Internal Medicine doctor in New York City. She is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Medical School and has 20 years of experience in both hospitals and private practice. She is a published researcher, national speaker on women’s health and author of four books, including a best-selling ebook on CBD and a COOKBOOK to support ease of use.   

John Dvorak

John Dvorak, Hempologist, Hempology.org

Hempologist John Dvorak has studied cannabis hemp and its prohibition for more than 25 years. He’s brought his unique style of anti-prohibition advocacy to radio & television programs, student organizations, medical marijuana conferences, patient groups, trade shows, hemp festivals and legalization rallies.  JD developed the Cannabis Curriculum to encourage research into the beneficial aspects of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis and the devastating effects that marijuana prohibition has had on society.  

JD’s website, Hempology.Org , contains many articles and images that highlight hemp's rich history as does the repository of Cannabis History Source Documents that he created.  He’s written articles for numerous publications and websites while providing advice, guidance and counseling for those entering the cannabis hemp space.  JD created 3 lectures for Oregon State University’s online Industrial Hemp course and is a former Board member of both the Hemp Industries Association and Mass Cann/NORML. 

Matt Smith, CEO PurHealthRX

Matthew Smith, CEO PurhealthRX/Med 7

Mr. Smith has years of experience founding, acquiring and managing technology companies. Mr. Smith has established US office for 2 multi-national biotech and nutritional health companies (Japan, Switzerland) and 3 US companies. In the   

Biotechnology sector, he successfully brought 2 companies into pre-clinical phase of pharmaceutical development with identified targets and solid IND pathway.  Mr. Smith structured and completed 3 clinical stage anti-inflammatory programs and one formulation technology in-licensing deals  from US and Japan. Mr. Smith also developed and executed out-licensing program for protein anti-infectives and anti-fungals including wound care product line and development with a major surgical supply company.
Early in his career Mr. Smith had extensive experience in Sales and Sales Management for Pfizer Inc. He worked closely with Marketing and Medical on the pre-launch and launch for Zoloft, Aricept, Geodon, Pregabalin, Viagra, Diflucan, Zithromax and Cardura. Currently Mr. Smith is the CEO of PurhealthRX, a technology based multi-national medical and consumer product company focused on medical industrial hemp. The Med7 brand, has rapidly become the most trusted brands used by doctors and pharmacies throughout the US. 


Elizabeth Dost, RN & Clinical Director MA Patient Advocacy Alliance

Elizabeth G. Dost, RN, is a senior health care executive with more than 25 years-experience in the Boston market. She currently is a Senior Executive Healthcare Consultant in Medical Cannabis and has done so since 2012, making her the first nurse in Massachusetts to publicly advocate for the Humanitarian Use of Medical Marijuana. Ms. Dost is a past Nominating Committee member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association. A member of the Society for Cannabis Clinicians, she assisted them in starting their new Boston based New England Chapter which has been renamed ACS. Beth is a member of Americans for Safe Access, Patients Out of Time, and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) where she serves on their speaker’s list. Additionally, she has donated lecture time to the Hospice and Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts, having presented in 2017 and 2018 on “Cannabis and Hospice”. Beth participated in public policy creation and has testified on cannabis before Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts via invitation to the Cannabis Control Commission. Most notably, Elizabeth was awarded Ernst and Young, Entrepreneur of the Year in Healthcare, New England Region and is a member of their elite Alumni group.  


Kathleen McKinnon, Managing Director - Alternative Wellness Centers

 Kathleen McKinnon has lived in central Mass all her life and has a fondness for the city of Worcester. She has a degree in Dental Hygiene, and over 20 years’ experience in the medical field with a focus on education and total body health and wellness. She has a passion for helping people live a better life and saw many people benefit from Cannabis medicine and alternative therapies over the past 7 years.  Kathleen is an entrepreneur in the Cannabis industry, having started her own company, Alternative Wellness Centers in 2019.  She was the driving force in designing the educational program for Canna Care Docs, the largest certification center in the United States. She feels education is the key to breaking down barriers of stigma surrounding Cannabis.  In her free time, she loves to travel the world, and spend time with her children and grandchildren. https://altwellnesscenters.com/ 


Caitlin Bernhard, NP - Alternative Wellness Centers

Caitlin Bernhard is a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Wellness Coach with a background in Family Medicine, Massage and Bodywork, Hatha Yoga, and Herbalism. She is originally from Western Massachusetts, where she returned after practicing massage and bodywork in Brooklyn while earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Nursing at Pace University in Manhattan. She is the owner/founder of Azalla Health and Wellness, LLC, and a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). Since late 2017 Caitlin has worked as a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner throughout Massachusetts, providing education, consultation, and certifications for MA Cannabis patients. She has created and presented material at informational events and workshops throughout MA and CT and was a panelist at the 2019 inaugural ACNA conference in New Orleans. One of the many reasons Caitlin loves working with Cannabis medicine is that the very process of learning to medicate with this plant is empowering. Working with cannabis allows people to take their health into their own hands and opens the door to connection with plant medicine and wellness.  https://altwellnesscenters.com/   


Rick Diamond, CEO CBD Training Academy and the International Cannabinoid Consortium, Icann

Rick is CEO of 3 healthcare tech startups and past co-founder and CEO of a leading training company that he built to profitabilty and sold. He is also an advisor to Wyllness, a transformational disease management platform as well as other CBD type startups. The mission of Icann is to train 10,000 CBD Professionals and to help 100 million people around the world to improve their health and wellness through the effective use of CBD and other cannabinoids. www.theicann.com


Jeff Wolfson, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, CBD Training Academy and Icann Ventures

Jeff has spent a successful career in building the industry where he led regional and national sales teams in both manufacturing and distribution. He is also an advisor to several cannabis and CBD startups and helps to lead the innovative virtual accelerator, called the Founder’s Program which selects and works with 10 cannabis/CBD CEOs on a quarterly basis.  Icann runs the Global CBD Coach Network and is a leading platform in the CBD industry. Icann’s vision is to help over 100 million people to improve their health and wellness through the effective use of Cannabinoids. To do that, Icann will train over 10,000 Certified CBD Professionals and Coaches.  Welcome to the Icann Family!  https://theicann.com

Laura Beohner

Laura Beohner, President & Co-Founder of the Healing Rose Co., and Director of Mass Hemp Coalition

Laura Beohner is the President & Co-Founder of The Healing Rose, which she founded in 2016 after a dislocated kneecap injury helped her discover the power of topicals that are infused with a synergy of cannabinoids, herbs, and essential oils. Laura received her bachelor’s in business administration, with a focus on entrepreneurship and marketing, from Northeastern University.  She has been a medical cannabis patient for 7+ years and believes that cannabis and hemp are a Master Plant that can change the World. Laura is passionate about teaching others about topics such as Infusions, Topicals, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Branding & Women in Cannabis. Laura is one of the founders and leaders of the Massachusetts Hemp Coalition. Additionally, Laura on the Board of Directors for Elevate Northeast and is on the Board of Directors for Northeast Sustainable Hemp Association (NOSHA). She spends her free time volunteering in her community as a youth girls basketball coach. 


Melissa Stapley, CEO, MJ Hybrid Solution, Sales Trainer and Cannabis Educator

 Melissa (MJ) Stapley has more than 10 years of total management and leadership experience, along with a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from South University in Savanah, GA.  She entered the cannabis industry close to 5 years ago and focused on sales and cannabis education in this space. She has a passion for leadership training and cannabis education which led to the birth of MJ Hybrid Solutions which offers a unique training solution for cannabis professionals.  


Sherri Tutkus, RN, BSN, CEO of GreenNurseGroup.com

 Sherri is the founder and CEO of GreenNurse Group, Nursing Director at Irie Bliss Wellness and host of GreenNurse on the Go Radio Show. Sherri is a cannabis nurse, patient and advocate. She earned her Bachelors in Science and Nursing from Boston College. She is highly skilled Registered Nurse with 30 years’ practical experience in various departments within the hospital and home setting. She is utilizing her expert nursing skills as a medical center specialist, clinical nurse liaison and educator to bridge the gap between patients and the cannabis community. Sherri has been educating and implementing holistic integrative healing modalities within her practice for over 20 years. She educates on the endocannabinoid system and the safe utilization of cannabis at dispensaries, hospitals, clinics and patients. Sherri is an international speaker and contributed writer to the first cannabis nursing textbook. Sherri is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and founding member of The Cannabis Nurses Network and brings passion and purpose to teaching bio-psycho-social-spiritual healing. Sherri has been nominated for Health Professional of the Year for the 2020 Boston NECANN Awards.  

Marissa Fratoni, RN

Marissa Fratoni, RN of GreenNurseGroup.com

For nearly twenty years, Marissa has helped people walk their own healing paths while accounting for each individual’s own needs as a whole human. She is a holistic nurse and multi-disciplined health practitioner specializing in women’s health and behavioral health, further specializing in substance abuse and addiction. Marissa is well-versed in complementary and  alternative healing modalities including primary, patient-focused nursing, massage therapy, yoga and mindfulness practices, integrative and functional nutrition, and cannabinoid therapeutics. She has participated in the advancement of cannabinoid research for nurses and other health professionals as a member of several education and research committees with the American Cannabis Nurses Association.  She has helped people struggling with an extensive array of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, opioid and pharmaceutical addiction, and alcohol dependence to integrate cannabinoid therapeutics into their conventional and holistic health regimens.  


Sandy Bernier, CEO and Founder of Irie Bliss Wellness

Sandy is a long time medical cannabis patient and hemp advocate. Sandy's mission is to illuminate the ways in which hemp can enhance one’s quality of life and the health of the planet. Sandy is deeply devoted to providing high-quality products that are not only effective and affordable but sustainable. Sandy has been working in the cannabis space for over 10 years and she sees the importance of  unbiased education to all who wish to manage symptoms of chronic illness towards optimum health and wellness. Sandy will be moderating the GreenNurse Group panel of Cannabis Nurses from various backgrounds as they share their Cannabis Nurse Experiences caring for Seniors.    


Marissa Fratoni, RN of GreenNurseGroup.com

 Jodi has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She has an extensive background in women’s health as a labor and delivery nurse, and has also worked in oncology. Jodi firmly believes that vulnerability is to be met with compassion, respect, and active listening to ensure that her patients have the very best outcomes. Jodi is also a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II Practitioner. Through this healing art, Jodi may help people with a range of health conditions e.g. headaches, insomnia, back pain, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and recovery from injuries and surgery. As an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and GreenNurse Group, she helps advocate for people who choose to use cannabis as a complementary or alternative treatment, providing education, insight, guidance, and support in the process. Jodi has been nominated as Health Professional of the Year for the 2020 NECANN Awards.