Abstract Submission Guidelines

Medical Cannabis Patient Therapies & Wellness Summit - Program Overview

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Review Process

Abstracts are reviewed by a committee of health care professionals serving on the Delta 9 advisory board and faculty. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, but recommend submissions be made by no later than four months prior to the conference. Content will be evaluated based on quality and relevance of topic, educational value, timeliness and clearly identified objectives. Delta 9 will make final decisions as to acceptance of abstracts and presentation format.


If selected for presentation, speakers agree to:

  1. Submit PowerPoint presentations to Delta 9 at least 45 days prior to the conference.
  2. Present information in an objective manner without bias to a particular company, program or product.
  3. Information in the abstract submission can be reproduced for use in conference materials including the electronic presentations (pdf only), documentation book and marketing materials.
  4. Permission will be given for presentations to be reproduced and made publicly available on Delta 9 conference website.


Submission Abstracts should be submitted to team@delta9summits.com.
Appropriate learning objectives must be described clearly. Do not use tables, graphs, special formatting (i.e., bold and underline), or scientific symbols. Abstracts with tables, graphs, special formatting, or symbols will not be considered for review. Should questions about this on-line submission form or the abstract review process in general exist, please email team@delta9summits.com.

Vendors interested in promoting a program, service or product are strongly encouraged to contact:

Jay Mulhern
Managing Director
Phone: 813-207-9589
Email: Jay@Delta9Summits.com