Dustin Sulak, DO

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO & Founder

Dustin Sulak, DO is an integrative osteopathic physician and leader in the emerging field of cannabinoid medicine.  His clinical practice focuses on treating refractory conditions in adults and children.  Dr. Sulak is the founder of Integr8 Health, a medical practice in Maine that follows over 8,000 patients using medical cannabis, and, a medical cannabis patient education resource. He sits on the board of directors of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and has lectured to healthcare providers internationally on the science and clinical applications of cannabis.

Dr. Ryan Zaklin MD MA PC

 Dr. Zaklin earned his Master of Arts from Teachers of Columbia University and his Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Virginia. He completed his training in Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. There he studied

Mind-Body Medicine with Dr. Herbert Benson and The Benson-Henry Institute. After serving on faculty at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Zaklin continued his work with Partners within the Spaulding Rehab  Partners he works with geriatric patients in Skilled Nursing facilities. He also maintains a private practice in Integrative Medicine and Cannabis Therapeutics in Salem, Ma.

In addition to his formal training, he has also trained in integrative medicine, geriatric medicine, functional medicine, herbal medicine, energy medicine, nutrition, yoga, and cannabis therapeutics. He views the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) as a key link to understanding the connection between

the mind, body and spirit. Utilizing his combined training, he partners with his patients in helping optimize their ECS and thus achieve a natural, authentic state of balance. As an accomplished musician, he has a particular interest in the link between the ECS and music. 

Dr. Jordan Tishler, MD

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jordan Tishler, MD, Harvard Medical School, President of Association of Cannabis Specialists, CMO inhaleMD

 Dr. Tishler is a Cannabis Specialist.  Through his training in Internal Medicine and years of practice as an Emergency Physician, Dr. Tishler brings his knowledge, reason, and caring to patients here at inhaleMD, and through his advocacy work at the local and national levels. Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, trained at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and is faculty at both the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  He has spent many years working with the underserved, particularly providing care for Veterans.  Having treated countless patients harmed by alcohol and drugs, his observation that he had never seen a cannabis overdose lead Dr. Tishler to delve deeply into the science of cannabis safety and treatment. Dr. Tishler is a frequent speaker and author on a variety of topics related to the medical applications of cannabis. He is the President of the Association of Cannabis Specialists which aims to educate clinicians, lawmakers, and the industry about best practices and needed tools for proper patient care.  

Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus

Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus, Chief Innovation Officer, MariMed Inc.

   Dr. Jokubas Žiburkus is an accomplished scientist, innovator, speaker, and entrepreneur.  Dr. Žiburkus is endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid expert, who has worked with hemp and hemp-derived formulations since 2013 and has trained over 500 physicians in USA and Europe. As a tenured professor at the University of Houston, his research have focused on neurological disorders, with the emphasis on epilepsy. He has co-founded Florance brand (premium hemp-derived product line) and in his current role as MariMed’s Chief Innovation Officer he is responsible for building the company’s Science, Medical, and Innovations Advisory Board, developing its educational strategy, and leading innovation in products, brands, and technologies. 

Brett Greene

Brett Greene - Research Administrator, Center for Drug Discovery

 Brett has been the Research Administrator for the Center for Drug Discovery, one of the world's top cannabinoid research institutions, for over a decade. He is an organizer and development committee member of CANN, the cannabis focused subdivision of the American Chemical Society, an advisory board of the Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis Council (MRCC), a strategic adviser for Orion Partners and co-inventor of the Gro-IQ platform, a founding member of Psymposia and manager of the annual NIDA-sponsored Chemistry & Pharmacology of Drug Abuse conference. His cannabis industry consulting clients include Advanced Nutrients, a leading global cannabis-focused nutrients company.

Rahim Dhalla, PharmD

Rahim Dhalla, PharmD, RPh Hybrid Pharm Owner & Founder

Rahim Dhalla graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (MCPHS) in 2009 with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. After working in the community retail setting for 3 years at various locations, Rahim returned to school to complete an MBA at Bryant University in Rhode Island. Upon completion, Rahim migrated back to his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario to take over the family run pharmacy business. However, in 2016, his father was diagnosed with cancer and sold his pharmacy practice. After thorough research, Rahim started his father on cannabis oils to help combat his chemotherapy symptoms. Unfortunately, he passed away in late 2016 due to the progression of the disease. It was through this experience that Rahim’s vision became clear: to help patients improve their overall quality of life utilizing a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional medicines 

Dr. Jenny Wilkins

Dr. Jenny Wilkins, NMD, CRA, AMC, CEO

 Dr. Jenny Wilkins is a naturopathic doctor, clinical research associate, and CEO / Proprietor of AgeVital Pharmacy in Sarasota, FL. She has just recently been selected as Top Naturopathic Doctor of the Year in Stem Cell and Cannabinoid Therapy by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. With over two decades of professional experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Wilkins has certainly proven her self as an accomplished professional and expert in the field. As a results-driven leader, Dr. Wilkins has demonstrated success. Not only as a health and wellness expert and educator, but she has also applied her expertise to the art of public speaking and educating physicians. She has lectured globally on the endocannabinoid system and functional integrative healthcare. She is also a  well respected television personality and producer with regular appearances on ABC, NBC, TBN, CBS, the CW and Lifetime. Dr. Wilkins’s impressive roles include Chief Scientific Officer and Partner of Stephen Marley’s ‘Kaya Med, ’ Medical Director of Biom Pharmaceuticals, Chief Scientific Officer of Tattoo Releaf, President & Founder of Dr. Jenny Enterprises, and Chief Medical Officer/Partner of M3 Life Sciences. 

Dr. Wilkins is board certified at the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners, a Diplomat of the AAIM College of Nutrition, and the Board of Integrative Medicine. She earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine & Bio Medical Sciences from Trinity School of Natural Health.       

Dr. Michelle L. Shuffett

Dr. Michelle L. Shuffett, Columbia Care Inc.

 Michelle L. Shuffett, MD is a healthcare executive, strategist, and wellness enthusiast with 20 years of experience encompassing a unique blend of medical practice, communication skills, and leadership. Michelle is adept at mixing the art and science of medicine, data and analytics, and content with a passion for creating meaningful, holistic solutions.  Michelle's expertise lies at the intersection of health and wellness, and spans the pharmaceutical industry, medical education/advertising, digital health marketing and publishing, fitness/wellness platforms, and medical cannabis. She strives to change perspectives on cannabis and improve understanding of the industry as a whole by bridging the gap between traditional and alternative medicine.     Michelle attended medical school at the University of Kentucky, completed her residency at UCLA, and practiced at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She also attended the London School of Economics and earned certifications in Healthcare Economics and Quantitative Analysis.   

Dr. Eva Selhub

Dr. Eva Selhub, MD Author, Speaker, Scientist, Former Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Selhub, also known as Dr. Eva, is an internationally recognized resiliency expert, physician, author, speaker, scientist and consultant. Board certified in internal medicine, she has served as an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. She also served for 20 years as a clinical associate of the world-renowned Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, including six years as its medical director. She also serves on the board of directors of MariMed, Inc. 

Dr. Eva has been published in medical journals and featured in national publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, Self, Shape, Fitness, and Journal of Woman’s Health. She has also appeared on radio and television, including the Dr. Oz Show, and is a contributing editor to the Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing. She engages her clients and audiences with powerful energy, words of wisdom, and scientific knowledge that empowers them to transform their health and lives for the better. Dr. Selhub has authored 4 books, including The Love Response, Your Brain on Nature,Your health Destiny, and The Stress Management Handbook

Rep. David LeBoeuf

Representative David LeBoeuf, 17th Worcester District - Presenter of House Bill H.3875 'An Act relative to insurance coverage of medicinal cannabis'

David LeBoeuf (D-Worcester) is the State Representative for the 17th Worcester District, which includes the Town of Leicester and Wards 7 and Ward 8, precincts 2,3, and 4 in Worcester. Prior to taking office this January David worked for the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) where he focused on increasing opportunities for small businesses in underserved communities. David championed efforts to increase greater participation of veteran-owned, minority-owned and women-owned businesses in the program. He was invited to speak at a roundtable with Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner to address the economic crisis on the island. 

Prior to joining ICIC, David worked as a Divisional Program Manager at the Innovation Institute at the Mass Tech Collaborative, a quasi-public economic development agency, where he provided strategic support to efforts related to regional economic redevelopment initiatives, public research investments, big data, and talent development. David worked his way through college and began his career as an interim staff assistant in the Worcester City Manager’s Office. In 2014, David was asked to implement an outreach program for the Massachusetts Health Connector to educate residents on how to access quality health insurance. A lifelong Worcester resident he was one of the inaugural recipients of the Harvard University Presidential Public Service Fellowship. David currently serves on the Joint Committee of Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure, the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities, the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy, and the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change.  

Nichole Snow, President of the MA Patient Advocacy Alliance

Keynote Speaker, Nichole Snow, President of the MA Patient Advocacy Alliance & Ex-Officio Advisor to the MA Cannabis Control Commission

Nichole Snow is the president and executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance and one of ten Ex-Officio Advisors to the MA Cannabis Control Commission. The MPAA works with local and state governmental bodies to ensure the social welfare of medical marijuana patients, doctors, caregivers, medical professionals, advocates, and the general public while developing and implementing laws, policies, and regulations related to medical marijuana and its safe use. After meeting hundreds of patients across the state of Massachusetts and advocating for their right to safe access, Nichole was invited to take a leadership role in the alliance. Since becoming director of the fledgling organization, Nichole worked with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Humanitarian Care Act of 2012 to draft viable regulations, site 53 operational access points across the Commonwealth, and grow the number certified patients from 153 in October of 2014 to a total of 59,439 active patients as of July 31, 2019. Beginning her career in telecommunications, Nichole now champions for patients rights to safe access to medical marijuana as the executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance. Nichole has cultivated relationships with well known mainstream media outlets and holds a strong tie to the community through local and social media.  After suffering two major car accidents and enduring debilitating muscle spasms resulting from them, she retired from her telecommunications career to follow through with her dream in safe access for all.

Elizabeth Dost, RN & Clinical Director MA Patient Advocacy Alliance

Elizabeth Dost, RN & Clinical Director MA Patient Advocacy Alliance

 Elizabeth G. Dost, RN, is a senior health care executive with more than 25 years-experience in the Boston market. She currently is a Senior Executive Healthcare Consultant in Medical Cannabis and has done so since 2012, making her the first nurse in Massachusetts to publicly advocate for the Humanitarian Use of Medical Marijuana. Ms. Dost is a past Nominating Committee member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association. A member of the Society for Cannabis Clinicians, she assisted them in starting their new Boston based New England Chapter which has been renamed ACS. Beth is a member of Americans for Safe Access, Patients Out of Time, and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) where she serves on their speaker’s list. Additionally, she has donated lecture time to the Hospice and Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts, having presented in 2017 and 2018 on “Cannabis and Hospice”. Ms. Dost has participated on panels at NECANN in Boston two years, lectured for Patients Out of Time on HIPAA and Cannabis; and at Dartmouth Hitchcock Parkinson’s Conference on Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease. She presents several times a year on cannabis, the ECS and patient/nurse implications for the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Beth participated in public policy creation and has testified on cannabis before Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts via invitation to the Cannabis Control Commission. Most notably, Elizabeth was awarded Ernst and Young, Entrepreneur of the Year in Healthcare, New England Region and is a member of their elite Alumni group.

Dr. Mary Clifton

Dr. Mary Clifton, the CBD & Cannabis Library

Dr. Mary Clifton is one of the more dynamic and knowledgeable doctors working with patients on how CBD/Cannabis can help their lives.   A New York state licensed doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Mary specializes in the ways that CBD/Cannabis can work on a wide range of diagnosis including autism, cancer, anxiety, stress, physical pain sexual performance and other symptoms rather than traditional therapies that involve opiates and other addictive and dangerous drugs. She has a website filled with informative and educational videos on a growing list of ways that this plant improves lives – Dr. Mary is also one of the better known physicians who’ve become active in Telemedicine and she is featured in the national television ad campaign currently on the air for Roman, a website that pairs patients and doctors online to help diagnose and treat “hard to discuss” ailments such as hair loss, cold sores, erectile dysfunction and menopause among others. Dr. Mary presents her information in an understandable way and helps break down a lot of the misperceptions that have created a real misplace stigma against how CBD/Cannabis works to make life easier for millions of patients. Dr. Mary Clifton is an Internal Medicine doctor in New York City. She is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Medical School and has 20 years of experience in both hospitals and private practice.  She is licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide medical marijuana authorization cards. She is a published researcher, previously a national speaker on women’s health and osteoporosis, and author of four books, and a best-selling ebook on CBD – what you need to know and how to use cannabinoids, plus a COOKBOOK to support ease of use. 

Carey S, Clark, PhD, RN

Carey S, Clark, PhD, RN, AHN-BC Associate Professor of Nursing, President, American Cannabis Nurses Association

Carey S. Clark, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, has been a nurse since 1994, with a wide practice background including experience within the acute care setting, pediatrics, hospice care, and parish nursing. Dr. Clark is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Maine at Augusta, and she has over 30 publications in journals such as Advances in Nursing Science, International Journal for Human Caring, Holistic Nursing Practice, and Creative Nursing. Dr. Clark moved to Maine from California to start a holistic-integral RN-BSS nursing program. She has developed a learning module around the endocannabinoid system for RN-BSN pharmacology students, and she has worked with the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to develop a cannabis care academic certificate program. Dr. Clark  has presented at many national and local conferences, particularly with oncology and holistic nurses, where she focuses on bringing basic knowledge around  the endocannabinoid system and medicinal use of cannabis. She remains committed to the concept of having the endocannabinoid system included in every nursing curriculum in the world, as she is the editor of the forthcoming Wolters-Kluwer Cannabis: A Handbook for Nurses (2020). Dr. Clark looks forward to sharing her knowledge with other like-minded healthcare providers and nurses as we create change in healthcare systems and support the holistic healing of those we serve.  


Dr. Melani Kane (Bersten), Executive Director, International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists, PharmD

 Dr. Melani Kane (Bersten), PharmD graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and returned to Minnesota as a Cannabis Pharmacist in a pharmacist-led dosing model. After spending countless hours researching the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoid pharmacology, Dr. Kane created Prepcann (, an e-learning platform designed to share and prepare healthcare professionals for their role in cannabinoid medicine. Prepcann has courses for all (or no) medical backgrounds including caregivers and dispensary staff to encourage evidence-based recommendations and experimentation with approved Cannabis products.  Dr. Kane also co-founded the International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists ( to Define Cannabis Care and encourage pharmacists to provide their unique perspective and expertise on the subject. The society connects pharmacists around the world on the shared belief that Cannabis is medicine and pharmacists should be educated and involved. Dr. Kane’s current role at Prime Therapeutics provides comprehensive medicine reviews to Medicare members across the United States. Dr. Kane is passionate about educating and empowering patients to be actively involved in their own health and wellbeing.         

Kate Schultz

Kate Schultz, MSN, NP-C

Kate Schultz, MSN, NP-C, is a certified Nurse Practitioner. She is a graduate of Boston College with a focus on Adult-Gerontology Primary Care. Kate attended Boston College for her undergraduate degree and subsequently worked at Massachusetts’ General Hospital from 2013-2016. There she was a clinical research assistant in the Cancer Center working on clinical trials and published research relating to non-small cell lung cancer. While there, she worked with many amazing nurse practitioners and realized her calling. The nursing model incorporates holistic care of the person with high quality, evidence-based care. She returned to Boston College, in their MSN program, where she worked to become an RN and completed her degree as an NP. Her clinical interests include oncology, palliative care, and women’s health. She has worked in various practices including Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, VA Hospital in Jamaica Plain, and the Boston College Student Health Center. Kate provides all patients with comprehensive, high-quality cannabis care following Dr. Tishler’s proven, data-driven approach. Outside of nursing, Kate loves to paint in acrylics and oils, she volunteers to help adopt rescued animals through Broken Tail Rescue, and is currently working as a registered nurse for Somerville Public Schools as a camp nurse.     

Sherri Tutkus

Sherri Tutkus, RN, BSN, CEO of

Sherri Tutkus RN BSN is founder and CEO of GreenNurse Group, Medical Director of Irie Bliss Wellness and is host of GreenNurse on the Go Radio Show. Sherri is a cannabis nurse, patient and advocate. Sherri earned her Bachelors in Science and Nursing from Boston College. She is highly skilled Registered Nurse with 30 years practical experience in various departments within the hospital and home setting. She is utilizing her expert nursing skills as a medical center specialist, clinical nurse liaison and educator to bridge the gap between patients and the cannabis community. Sherri has been educating and implementing holistic integrative healing modalities within her practice for over 20 years. She educates on the endocannabinoid system and the safe utilization of cannabis at dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, patients homes and she regularly does pop up events and expos. Sherri and the GreenNurses are writing a chapter in the first nursing cannabis textbook. Sherri is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Cannabis Nurses Network and she brings passion and purpose to her work teaching bio-psycho-social-spiritual healing using cannabis as a tool.

Marrisa Fratoni, RN

Marissa Fratoni, RN of

For nearly twenty years, Marissa Fratoni has helped people walk their own healing paths while accounting for each individual’s own needs as a whole human. She is a holistic nurse and multi-disciplined health practitioner specializing in women’s health and behavioral health, further specializing in substance abuse and addiction.

Marissa is well-versed in complementary and alternative healing modalities including primary, patient-focused nursing, massage therapy, yoga and mindfulness practices, integrative and functional nutrition, and cannabinoid therapeutics. She has participated in the advancement of cannabinoid research for nurses and other health professionals as a member of several education and research committees with the American Cannabis Nurses Association.  She has helped people struggling with an extensive array of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, opioid and pharmaceutical addiction, and alcohol dependence to integrate cannabinoid therapeutics into their conventional and holistic health regimens. Marissa is the proud Mommy of two beautiful little girls and happy wife to her handsome home inspector husband. They have a flock of chickens who live in their backyard in Central Massachusetts, and a tuxedo kitty named Wylie who is always dressed to impress. 

Jodi Chapin, RN

Jodi Chapin, RN of

   Jodi has been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years. She has an extensive background in women’s health as a labor and delivery nurse, and has also worked in oncology. Jodi firmly believes that vulnerability is to be met with compassion, respect, and active listening to ensure that her patients have the very best outcomes. She credits her extensive nursing career and healer background with these virtues and skills. Jodi is also a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II Practitioner. Through this healing art, Jodi may be able to help people who are struggling with a wide range of health conditions such as headaches, insomnia, back pain, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and may even be used to help in the recovery from injuries and surgery. As an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and GreenNurse Group, she helps advocate for people who choose to use cannabis as an complementary or alternative treatment, providing education, insight, guidance, and support in the process.  


Tonya Sanders, RN of

  Tonya is a medical cannabis patient, advocate and activist, Tonya educates patients on the endocannabinoid system and is one of the GreenNurse Group cannabis nurse reporters for our educational media platform "GreenNurse on the Go"  Tonya has been a Registered Nurse for over 17 years. She attended Aultman Hospital School of Nursing and Mount Union in Ohio. She has been a registered nurse in multiple departments within the hospital and home health before she got sick in 2008. Tonya lost 8 years of her life to chronic  disease, infections, surgeries, medication and was sent home to go to hospice care in 2016.  Cannabis saved her life and now she is living her best life. Tonya now has a passion with a purpose to show the world that there is a safer, healthier, natural alternative to manage symptoms of chronic illness. 

Nique Pichette, MSN, RN

Nique Pichette, MSN, RN Founding Member, Cannabis Nurses Network

WHAT IS A CANNABIS NURSE NAVIGATOR: A Cannabis Nurse Navigator is a professional registered nurse with cannabis-specific clinical knowledge who offers individualized assistance to patients, families, and caregivers to help overcome healthcare systems barriers. The cannabis nurse navigator provides education and resources to facilitate informed decision making in a timely fashion to quality health care providers knowledgeable in cannabis therapeutics and psychosocial care throughout all phases of the cannabis therapeutics continuum. Developed for the nursing community and their patients by Nique Pichette MSN, RN  

More than 25 years’ experience in medical/advocacy services with special expertise in cannabis as an alternative treatment; Extensive experience as a cannabis educator/teacher, public speaker, and activist; Sole founder of an organization that provides advocacy, support, and financial assistance for cannabis patients/families, and works to implement cannabis nurse navigation in the medical setting.      

Deidra Rivudo

Deidra Rivudo | Director of Business Development - Revolutionary Clinics

Deidra has dedicated herself to helping people in the medical space for her entire career. She earned a nursing degree from Salve Regina College and spent the next 10 years as a practicing RN at Massachusetts General Hospital as well as a traveling nurse with a Boston area EMT unit. Deidra then spent 16 years in sales with one of the countries pharmaceutical giants.  She also stayed busy helping people during her time off as a member of the ski patrol at a New Hampshire area resort. It was her discovery of the healing properties of cannabis that caused her to make the big switch and join the revolution by becoming a key member of the team at Revolutionary Clinics. Her role at Revolutionary Clinics includes; working with MMJ doctors to understand and deliver on the needs of their patients, sourcing, coordinating and representing at medical cannabis events as well as working with other Massachusetts dispensaries by providing them with our wholesale products. Deidra lives with her husband and two children in Boston’s Northshore and enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, skiing, and has recently discovered mountain biking. Ha!


Philip Poirier | Director, Retail Temescal Wellness

Philip is the Director of Retail for Temescal Wellness. Since joining the team in 2016, Philip has been an integral part of the company’s success. As the longest-tenured employee with Temescal Wellness, Philip has unparalleled experience in the cannabis industry, playing a significant role in many different areas of the company, in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Initially hired as the Retail Manager for our New Hampshire dispensaries, Philip is responsible for all of the retail operations. His role includes writing and implementing SOPs, recruiting and hiring staff, developing a training program, passing initial and annual inspections, managing inventory, maintaining records, ensuring compliance, and leading sales, marketing, customer service, and community outreach to drive dispensary revenue and profitability. Beyond traditional retail operations, Philip has worked closely with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, continuously championing the rights of patients, attending community outreach meetings, testifying in the state Senate, and contributing feedback to the regulators about possible rule changes.

In 2018, Philip joined the Temescal Wellness team in Massachusetts, where he led the launch of three new retail stores. Since then, Philip has successfully hired, trained, and opened Temescal’s three medical and two recreational dispensaries.  Philip oversees a total staff of over 45 retail employees. Before working with Temescal, Philip was a Regional Supervisor for GNC, running the largest region in New England, including downtown Boston. Philip earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. Philip is especially proud of having mentored and promoted many hires into leadership positions and is always looking for opportunities to create job enrichment for staff.