Introduce your products and services to new buyers and channels, network with industry executives. Packages are designed to maximize your brand, message and expertise. Capitalize on several ways to bring attention and awareness leading up to, during and post conference.  For more information call 813-207-9589 or email us;


Healer, Gold Sponsor

 Healer is a globally trusted medical cannabis brand and educational leader. Developed by Dr. Dustin Sulak, Healer offers education and online training and certification with dosage protocols for industry professionals, health providers and consumers. Dr. Sulak is a pioneering cannabis clinician, published researcher, board member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and lectures worldwide.

Ryan Zaklin, MD, Platinum Sponsor

Integrative Medicine Consultation, building upon his strong foundation in Internal Medicine, Dr. Zaklin partners with his patients to develop an understanding of the relationship between Body, Mind, and Spirit, helping them optimize their own authenticity. He utilizes Mind-Body Medicine, Yoga, Energy Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Cannabis Therapeutics, Nutrition and Functional Medicine within his practice. His approach may include referrals within his network of physicians within the local community and Partners Network, as well as Integrative practitioners specializing in Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Behavioral Therapy, and Energy Medicine.  

 Medical Use of Cannabis Consultation, Dr. Zaklin is an expert in Cannabis Therapeutics and Endocannabinoid System Medicine. He offers medical marijuana evaluations, certification and ongoing follow up to help qualified patients receive the vast therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana.

inhaleMD, Platinum Sponsor

   The medical professionals at InhaleMD are dedicated to treating patients through cannabis therapeutics. Our Boston area medical practices specialize in creating effective and affordable wellness plans for people seeking relief from their illness or improvement in their overall well-being. Both patients and wellness-seekers benefit from the guidance of a caring, well-trained physician to help them achieve their desired results.

Revolutionary Clinics, Platinum Sponsor

Revolutionary Clinics provides the highest-quality medical-grade cannabis for sale in the Boston area. Our dispensaries are located near Boston in Cambridge and Somerville and it’s our mission to make our patients cannabis experience as relaxing, safe and enjoyable as possible. People come to Revolutionary Clinics not just to make a transaction, but also to make a connection. With the highest quality medical marijuana products, of course. But also with their favorite patient advocate, their fellow customers and the cannabis community as a whole. Quality and Community. It’s why we’re here. 


Columbia Care, Platinum Sponsor

 Patriot Care, a Columbia Care company, is a premier provider of medical and adult use cannabis services and products in the state of Massachusetts. We offer high quality cannabis products for medical and adult use in Lowell and Greenfield, MA and for medical use in Boston, MA.

Hybrid Pharm, Platinum Sponsor

 Hybrid Pharm is a modern wellness pharmacy located in the Westboro neighborhood of Ottawa. We specialize in providing a multi-modal approach to healthcare including access to medical cannabis, pharmacy and compounding as well as our wellness and lifestyle modification programming. Our certified staff is happy to help guide your way to a healthy future. 

Health Hemp Solutions

Healthy Hemp, Platinum Sponsor

Here at Healthy Hemp Solutions we focus on education first! We want to empower those that buy from us with the tools necessary to live the “Healthy ways for healthy days” mantra we believe. For us, the first step was hemp extract/CBD oils – let us help you help others!

MariMed, Inc., Silver Sponsor

  In 2012, Bob Fireman and Jon Levine saw an opportunity to advise operators and licensees on the design, development, operations, and financing of new cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries nationwide. They founded MariMed Advisors. As the market and their experience grew, this business evolved into MariMed Inc, a premier seed-to-consumer vertically integrated multi state operator. The company used its experience as an advisor to develop and acquire its own brands of cannabis precision dosed products and state-of-the-art facilities, that focus on consumer safety, highest quality products and enhanced patient wellness.

Green Nurse Group, Silver Sponsor

 GreenNurse (TM) Group is a non-profit organization of holistic cannabis nurses who seek to relieve suffering via safe use of medical cannabis and natural alternative therapies. We are a home health consulting agency that serves as a liaison between patients and the medical cannabis community. We offer a unique service utilizing primary care nurses, the nursing process, care plans and ongoing continuity of care. We provide custom strategies to patients seeking alternative solutions to manage chronic illness. We educate, empower and assist patients on their journey for optimal health and wellness.

New England Treatment Access (NETA)

  NETA is a passionate group of patient advocates, experienced professionals, industry leaders and philanthropists. We provide registered MA patients and adult-use customers with first-rate marijuana therapies at our dispensaries in Brookline and Northampton. Our state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Franklin grows and processes all of NETA's products. From seed to sale, we do it all in Massachusetts.

ECS Therapeutics

  ECS Therapeutics® provides a healthcare professional-exclusive line of hemp products in a range of delivery forms and therapeutic potencies to support diverse clinical applications.

The company’s quality-confirmed products are made from organically grown agricultural hemp, with every batch undergoing rigorous independent testing to ensure potency and purity. ECS Therapeutics is committed to practitioner education in endocannabinoid (“ECS”) health.

Temescal Welness

Temescal Wellness

 Temescal Wellness is The Life Cannabis Company. Temescal Wellness offers a diverse choice of extraordinary quality, 100% lab-tested, plant-based cannabis products (flower, concentrates, pre-roll, edibles), along with the personal guidance to help amplify the happiness and health everyday people experience no matter where they are on life’s journey.



  AgeVital provides a wide range of services to promote health and wellness and is a one-stop-shop, full-service pharmacy, research, and wellness center that provides retail pharmaceuticals, custom medication compounding, and specialized therapies with over 50 years of combined retail and compounding pharmacy experience. We believe in a comprehensive pharmaceutical approach, offering functional health care alternatives. Our team consists of specially-trained clinical pharmacists, scientists, doctors, registered nurses, nutritional consultants, and certified pharmacy technicians and personal trainers. AgeVital's focus is on functional medicine, age-management, prevention, weight loss, and fitness that offers medication therapy management (MTM) with a certified clinical pharmacist and our consultants will meet with patients to educate and assist them in setting and meeting personal goals to maximize vitality and quality of life!



At Weedgets, we are dedicated to the design and development of innovative cannabis accessory and inhalation devices which create safer and more pleasurable consumption by cleaning and drastically cooling the smoke. Our products cool off the smoke and eliminate hot resin and clumps before they reach your mouth, thus providing you with a cooler and safer inhalation.

Dr. Clifton researches thousands of medical journals in search of the world’s best and most objective cannabinoid research to bring you free videos and articles at, the world’s most authoritative destination for cannabinoids, health and disease prevention and treatment. is a comprehensive clearinghouse that inspects every imaginable facet of cannabinoids and health, featuring hundreds of impeccably researched easily understandable and straight to the point videos to help you get to the bottom of any question you have surrounding cannabinoids and disease. 

Cape Ann Botanicals

Cape Ann Botanicals

We pride ourselves on being a local brick and mortar shop with passionate, knowledgeable staff who are eager to get to know you and answer your questions. Our hemp derived CBD products are the highest quality available on the market and serve a wide variety of needs. Stop in and visit us today!



Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance

   The Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance (MPAA) represents the coalition of patients, caregivers, family members, medical professionals, and public health groups that helped draft and pass the 2012 ballot question to legalize medical marijuana. We continue working everyday for safe access as we lead medical cannabis into the mainstream through our educational events and materials, advocacy, research, and our efforts to protect patient rights.



  RareChannels hosts a new brand of B2B-networking, using pre-existing and effective engagement platforms. The foundation web-based reference, is pristine, ad-free, secure and professional; housing our capabilities-expert members, or Partners In Rare, and a globally-relevant Rare Events calendar.  RareChannels adds sustainability and efficiency to our model by remaining unaffiliated.

International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists

  The International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists - ISCPh was founded to unify the pharmacy profession on the subject of cannabis in support of public health. As medication experts and patient advocates, pharmacists provide a unique and compassionate perspective on cannabinoid therapy. Join us for monthly Journal Clubs or ACPE-Approved CE’s as we legitimize Cannabis as a medicine.  

Assoc. of Cannabis Specialists

Association of Cannabis Specialists

The Association of Cannabis Specialists was founded to help members provide great medical care through education, networking, and advocacy. As a member, you’ll have access to educational materials and journal articles. You’ll also have the opportunity to consult with colleagues across the country and around the globe. Together we’ll improve laws and policies to provide the best possible treatment for cannabis patients.


TheAnswerPage is a medical education resource that has been providing the highest quality accredited education to the healthcare community for over two decades. Awarded in the US and internationally, TheAnswerPage is now a recognized leader for providing comprehensive education on the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis, pain medicine and opioid prescribing practices. Content provides Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and American Psychological Association (APA) credits.

TheAnswerPage creates tailored medical cannabis educational programs for Departments of Public Health, state medical societies, hospitals and medical schools.